Wednesday – 25 September 2019 Nordic Edge Expo – Exhibition Hall – Expo Stage

Time: 14:45 - 16:00

At the climax of the Nordic Edge Conference, you are kindly invited to attend the second round of SMAVARD – the Smart City Implementation Award in Stavanger. No matter if you are working for a city, region, company, start-up, or if you are an interested professional, this event rounds off your Nordic Edge experience by highlighting the best solutions showcased at the exhibition.

The award will be handed over right at the expo stage, shortly after Europe’s leading Smart City implementers will have shared their biggest “fuck up stories” and inspirational ideas with the audience.

After the award ceremony you can mingle and network with the Smart City community at the official after party of the NEE.

Have you implemented a Smart City project that is innovative and has helped improve urban life and/or improved a public service? Then we are happy to hear from you.

The event is primarily dedicated to exhibitors and professionals in the Smart City area from the public and private sector.


The award for the best Smart City implementation project of the year.

* For companies, cities, regions participating at the Nordic Edge Expo.

* Evaluating the best implementations in the Smart City sector.

* Independently judged by leaders in the Smart City sector.

* Second round of international competition hosted in Stavanger at the Nordic Edge Expo.

* SMAVARD is awarded in 3 categories.

What are we searching for?

We search for implementations with a highly innovative potential to disrupt the status quo and revolutionise the existing Smart City market. Do you have implementations for a better urban life?

The winner receives the honour and the SMART CITY IMPLEMENTATION AWARD.

How to participate?

The SMAVARD is an award specifically designed for participants of the Nordic Edge Expo. The SMAVARD team will support you with your application at the BABLE Helpdesk on Tuesday, 24 September.

The process:

1. Apply with a Use Case: (open until 23 September) > and send us an email to to confirm your participation.

2. Pre-selection on Tuesday of the NEE

3. Jury evaluates at the Nordic Edge

4. Jury selects the winner implementations

5. SMAVARD award ceremony (attendance at the ceremony is mandatory to win the award)



14.45 START – FUCK UP STORIES Experts explain in an entertaining way their biggest fails while working in the Smart City sector

15.00 SPOT – SESSIONS Inspirational insights and ideas – from leading thinkers of cities and companies. Topic: Connecting Smart City ideas

15.30 SMAVARD – Smart City Implementation Award ceremony.

Evening – Networking, drinks and snacks at the official NEE after-party