Have you / your city, region, company or start-up implemented an innovative solution that helps to improve urban life? If you can answer 'yes' to this question, you are invited to apply for the third round of SMAVARD - the Smart city implementation Award in Stavanger, which will be presented at the climax of this year’s digital Nordic Edge Conference. The Nordic Edge Conference and BABLE are searching for implementations with a highly innovative potential to disrupt the status quo and revolutionise existing markets. Questions or ready to confirm your application? View the graphic above for more information or send an e-mail smavard@bable-smartcities.eu. Applications are due by 14 September noon at 11:59am!


Have you implemented an innovative technology in cities to improve
quality of life? Apply for the SMAVARD and upload your Use Case on
the BABLE Use Case Database.

1. Sign up on BABLE www.bable-smartcities.eu
2. Confirm your E-Mail
3. Create a page for your company / city
4. Upload your Use Case.
5. Write a short Mail to: smavard@bable-smartcities.eu so that we can confirm your application.

more information + Application smavard@bable-smartcities.eu