•  Region:  Türkiye
  • It is with great pleasure that the Turkish government extends an invitation to qualified and visionary entities to submit proposals for our Smart City Funding initiative. This funding opportunity has been crafted to support and advance projects dedicated to the infusion of cutting-edge technologies into urban landscapes, with the overarching goal of fostering sustainable and intelligent city development. 

Ministry-backed Funding Initiative:

  • The Smart City Finance initiative, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ilbank and municipalities, is committed to promoting transformative projects that raise urban living standards with smart and forward-thinking solutions. This collaboration underlines the shared commitment to advancing urban development through technological innovation.
  • How to Apply:

  • Visit the official website www.akillisehirler.gov.tr for comprehensive details. 
  •  T.C. Çevre, Şehircilik ve İklim Değişikliği Bakanlığı (csb.gov.tr) / 13th of November