From November 7th to 9th, under the theme "Welcome to the New Urban Era," the Smart City Expo World Congress, held annually in Barcelona, promises once again to be the largest global showcase of innovative urban solutions and projects. It focuses on strategies to transform current metropolises into more sustainable, efficient, smart, and livable spaces. This year, BABLE Smart Cities will join the event as an official collaborating partner, amplifying the impact of the event.

BABLE Smart Cities, a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Research Society, serves as the facilitator for Smart Cities in Europe. Their free knowledge hub and platform connect innovators and the public sector, providing valuable insights. Through their work, they have already facilitated over €2 billion in projects, accelerating innovation in municipalities and regions.

By collaborating with SCEWC, BABLE will gain increased visibility, new connections, and opportunities within the global community of professionals, including industry and government leaders.

On the other hand, with a community of over 3,000 Smart City professionals from both the public and private sectors, BABLE brings an extensive pool of knowledge, innovation, and expertise to the table. This expansive network, cultivated and expanded through strategic alliances with City Networks and Company Clusters from across Europe, allows BABLE to accelerate dialogues, foster collaboration, and create unique synergies on the SCEWC platform.

Ugo Valenti, the event's director, expressed that the 2023 edition of Smart City Expo will be the largest ever, marking the return of the urban innovation ecosystem to full strength. He emphasized the importance of going beyond dreams and inspiration, taking action to future-proof cities and making them more sustainable, efficient, and livable. The event serves as a platform to contribute to this goal.