Vienna, Austria

Aspern Smart City Research project will use the digital twin technology to increase grid capacity and flexibility in the Aspern Seestadt urban development.

Vienna's Aspern Smart City Research (ASCR) project, Europe's largest energy research initiative, is partnering with Siemens to propel the city's energy transition. Using Siemens' LV Insights X grid management software, ASCR aims to create a digital twin of its distribution grid in the Aspern Seestadt urban development. This technology enhances grid capacity and flexibility, facilitating the visualization of the entire low-voltage network.

The digital twin empowers ASCR to identify critical segments, increase grid capacity, and seamlessly integrate renewable energy, supporting their decarbonization efforts. The software is anticipated to reduce power outages by 30%. Launched in June 2023, LV Insights X is part of Siemens Xcelerator, offering a flexible and scalable solution for low-voltage grid management. The partnership underscores ASCR's commitment to sustainable urban development and positions them as trailblazers on the path to a net-zero future.


Siemens AG Austria (44.1%), City of Vienna – Wien Energie GmbH (29.95%), Wiener Netze GmbH (20%), Vienna Business Agency (4.66%), Wien 3420 Holding GmbH (1.29%).

About ASCR

  • ASCR is a joint venture by Siemens Österreich, Wien Energie, Wiener Netze and the City of Vienna (Vienna Business Agency and Wien 3420) with Siemens holding the largest share of 44.1%.
  • ASCR has over 100 employees, with varying scientific backgrounds, from the shareholding companies who are directly involved with ASCR research.
  • ASCR has won several awards including the World Smart City Project Award in 2016 and the Smart Energy Systems Awards in 2018.
  • ASCR has filed applications for 11 patents and developed 15 prototype solutions in the fields of smart buildings and grid infrastructure.