30890 Puerto Lumbreras, Spain

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The City Council of Puerto Lumbreras (Region of Murcia) will carry out energy efficiency improvement and refurbishment works at the El Esparragal Social Center. The works have an estimated duration of three months, and seek to improve energy efficiency by reducing electricity consumption and increasing the use of renewable energies. Specifically, the existing luminaires are to be replaced with LEDs.


El Esparragal social center, Puerto Lumbreras, Region of Murcia, Spain.

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  • The energy efficiency improvement and refurbishment project of the El Esparragal Social Center has a budget of 33,333.69 euros.
  • This is thanks to a direct subsidy from the call for Aid of the Participatory Local Development Strategy of Campoder, Local Action Group Association for Local Development and co-financed through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, through the Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Livestock.
  • The work will involve the energy improvement of the entire building with 447 m2. In this case, the intervention will not affect its structure.
  • Specifically, the existing luminaires will be replaced by more efficient LED technology luminaires and the autonomous cassette-type equipment will be replaced by more modern and efficient ones.
  • These measures will save 14% of the center' s electricity consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • In addition, a 7-meter-high solar streetlight with lithium battery and LED lighting will be supplied and installed.

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