Exciting news from Riga as a groundbreaking Public-Private Partnership (PPP) tender is set to launch in 2024, targeting a major modernization of 80% of the city's street lighting system. Key project highlights:

Comprehensive Upgrade:

  • 40,000 sodium luminaires to be replaced with energy-efficient LED lights.
  • 20,000 outdated lighting poles upgraded to new galvanized metal structures.
  • Improved lighting control system for enhanced functionality.

PPP Collaboration:

  • Riga aims to lead in PPP projects for future success, making this initiative a model for upcoming ventures.
  • Encouraging local and international companies to bid ensures competitive, efficient, and quality-driven outcomes.

Sustainability and Cost Efficiency:

  • Fast-tracking the replacement process with private sector involvement.
  • Aligns with Riga's sustainable development goals, reducing energy consumption, costs, and CO2 emissions.

Strategic Alignment:

  • Project aligns with Riga's urban development plan and Sustainable Energy and Climate Plan 2022-2030.

Vision for the Future:

  • Preliminary project cost estimated at €60 million.
  • Riga sets the stage for a greener, more efficient urban landscape.

For mor information visit the https://www.riga.lv/en/article/riga-invest-60-million-lighting-upgrades-partnership-private-sector