September 17, 2019 // Stuttgart

Nearly 40% of the annual global greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the building sector. Twenty years from now, buildings could be a lot more energy efficient. What digital technologies and new practices have made their way into the building sector and what are the economics behind smart planning?

Professionals from the public and private sector as well as research institutions, developers and financing institutions from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland will come together at the Smart Builders’ Summit and discuss the future of the building industry. Areas of interest will be "The Future of the Building Industry", "Planning in Smart Districts and Cities", "New Practices in Planning and Building", as well as "The Economics of Smart Planning".

The event is organised by the UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN) and BABLE. Participants have a specific interest in the opportunities of digital technologies in planning and operating building assets, are keen on engaging internationally and see potential in cross-national cooperation in the construction sector. We’d like to spark cooperation in the field of digital construction and encourage the collaboration of our industries.

The different formats including short expert lectures, panel discussions, workshops and informal exchanges are designed to help you discuss not only current developments in the building sector but also joint opportunities and future partnerships in the exciting field of future digital building.

Sign up for the Smart Builders' Summit in Stuttgart until September 9th, 2019