Event date
14.11.2022 03:00 - 14.11.2022 04:00


#Solutions4Cities Live from COP27

We unveiled our work around #solutions4cities on 14/11 at 3pm CET live from #COP27.  

European Commission panel with Bertrand Piccard, Carlos Moedas - Mayor of Lisbon, Magali Anderson of Holcim, Thomas Osdoba of NetZeroCitiesEU, Alexandra Barraquand.

Topic: Prosperity and protection of the environment: how cities can unlock the opportunities of the ecological transition

The Solar Impulse Foundation, fresh from identifying over 1,000 solutions that both protect the environment and are financially viable, have applied them across 50 pain points cities face to engage with the ecological transition and offering almost 200 solutions. Further, this event looked at what else can be done by cities to reduce their environmental footprint, speaking with mayors from leading cities as well as those organizations whose work is critical to helping cities meet their environmental objectives.