On theoccasion of the first anniversary of the car-sharing plan in France, the cabinets of the Ministries of Transport and Energy Transition have announced the renewal of financial incentives for this mode of travel, in light of promising figures.

In the space of just one year, the use of digital platforms for everyday carpooling has risen sharply in France. Thanks to the national carpooling plan, the number of carpooling journeys on platforms has doubled between 2022 and 2023. By the end of 2023, over 200,000 drivers will have embarked on daily carpooling as part of the government's €100 carpooling bonus, paid directly by their application. (Estimate based on data available on 01/12/2023)

Daily carpooling before the national carpooling plan :

  • 20,000 daily trips.
  • 105 tonnes of CO2 avoided daily.

1 year after the launch of the national Carpooling plan :

  • 40,000 daily trips.
  • 210 tonnes of CO2 avoided daily.

The national plan has made it possible to accelerate and encourage the emergence of numerous projects in the regions, thanks to financial support from the French government via the Green Fund.Effective since January 2023, the Green Fund is a scheme designed to finance projects presented by local authorities and their public or private partners in three areas: environmental performance, adapting the territory to climate change and improving the living environment.

Green Fund figures ( as at December 1, 2023):

  • 229 projects accepted
  • 26.5 million in subsidies

Infrastructure co-financed :

  • 21 carpooling lines
  • 8 hitchhiking stops
  • 93 carpooling areas

Services funded :

  • 81 financial incentive campaigns
  • 13 communication campaigns
  • 7 networking platforms
  • 23 studies

The three financial support measures under the national daily carpooling plan announced in 2023 are renewed in 2024:

  • The €100 bonus for new drivers is extended for one year.
  • The State's financial support for local authorities is strengthened.
  • The €1 community / €1 State financial incentive campaigns are continuing (All communities that set up a financial incentive campaign will benefit from €1 from the State for every euro invested).

Source : National plan - daily carpooling - 1 year later