• From 31 October to 6 November, Portugal surpassed its electricity needs with renewable energy for 149 consecutive hours, generating 1102 GWh against 840 GWh consumed.
  • Exceeded household and industry energy requirements by 262 GWh, setting a new national record.
  • Grid operator REN highlighted these feats as evidence of Portugal's sustainable path.

Portugal's renewable energy goals:

  • Aim for 85% renewable electricity by 2030.
  • Plan to decommission natural gas plants by 2040.
  • Target carbon neutrality by 2045, five years earlier than the original commitment.

Portugal's renewable energy this year:

  • October saw renewables covering 67% of power needs, led by wind and hydropower.
  • Since the beginning of the year renewable energy covered 56% of power needs - stats: wind (24%), hydropower (18%), solar (8%), biomass (6%).

Source of information: https://www.euronews.com/green/2023/11/09/portugal-sets-important-new-renewable-energy-record-as-production-outstrips-demand (Published 09 November 2023).