Episode#53 CIVINET Iberia: Connecting Cities for Sustainable Mobility

GuestPedro Moreira, Head of Transport Authority and Mobility Management at the City of Braga in Portugal, and Cristina Álvarez Requena, CEO of Las Rozas Innova, the municipal company of Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain.

Date of recording: 7 November 2023


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Summaries of Key Takeaways:  

  • EU Networks and Advantages: Highlighting the benefits of participation in EU networks for financial support and knowledge exchange on sustainable mobility. 
  • Braga's Mobility Innovations: Focus on projects like rewarding bicycle use and leveraging data for urban mobility planning. 
  • Las Rozas' Innovation Company: Discussing the establishment of a municipal innovation company for fast-tracking sustainable and digital projects. 
  • Cross-Border Collaboration: Emphasizing the importance of Spain and Portugal working together on shared urban mobility challenges. 


“To you, what is a Smart City?”

Pedro Moreira: “Okay, if I can start. Well, for me, a smart city is a city that can offer the citizens the best quality of life with the minimum impact on the planet.“ 

Cristina Álvarez Requena: “I could like my city to be an extension of my own house. A balance between security, comfort, technology. But if I were in my house, in my living room, it's an extension.” 



  • Networks enable cities to collectively navigate challenges and build upon successful initiatives

"Networks like CIVINET help a lot to share experiences and not start from scratch in many initiatives." - Cristina Álvarez Requena

  • Individuals need incentives to adopt sustainable behaviour changes, such as rewards for cycling.

"We had this pilot project for four months and 30% of the people who started using bikes kept that habit after the project, even without money." - Pedro Moreira

  • Establishing dedicated entities can significantly accelerate processes and reduce bureaucratic delays

"Having a municipal company is an advantage overall to speed the processes, and the purchase procedures." - Cristina Álvarez Requena