Episodehttps://www.bable-smartcities.eu/spot/posts/post/51-smcnetzero-project-what-lessons-can-transfer-from-larger-cities-to-smcs.html#52 [French] Ris-Orangis & Ville Hybride: Réinventer les Espaces de Vie Urbainshttps://www.bable-smartcities.eu/spot/posts/post/51-smcnetzero-project-what-lessons-can-transfer-from-larger-cities-to-smcs.html

GuestsStéphane Raffalli, Mayor of the town of Ris-Orangis, located in the Île-de-France region, and @Myfanwy Boudry, Project Manager for Assistance à maitrise d'usage at Ville Hybride, an agency specializing in social and urban innovation.​​​​​​​

Date of recording: 12 October 2023

1.  The importance of Revitalising Regions:

Quote: "We can see that the fringes, the edges of the metropolises, have become impoverished. [...] We have a challenge to meet, which is to recreate value in our area in order to avoid, in particular, the mobility problems that are one of the major problems for the inhabitants of the Second Ring of Paris." - Stéphane Raffalli

Lesson: Stéphane Raffalli's comments underline the need to recreate value in the outlying areas of metropolitan areas. This means finding ways of revitalising these areas to improve the quality of life of their residents and avoid the difficulties associated with impoverishment.

2.  Public-Private Collaboration as the Driving Force behind Successful Projects:

Quote: "The association between an elected official, a mayor, his teams, elected municipal officials, an administration and external partners, it's a hybridisation of know-how that is absolutely essential." - Stéphane Raffalli

Lesson: The idea of a "hybridisation of know-how" highlighted by Stéphane Raffalli emphasises the importance of collaboration between the public sector (elected representatives, administrations) and the private sector (external partners) in bringing urban projects to fruition. This collaboration can bring a diversity of skills and expertise to bear on the success of initiatives.

3.  The Added Value of Participatory Democracy:

Quote: "The triptych of "project owner, project manager and project user" drives the project forward. The one we are proposing is richer than the one we would have had without all this participative democracy." - Myfanwy Boudry

Lesson: Myfanwy Boudry highlights the importance of the triptych of "project owner, project manager and project user" in the urban design process. Participatory democracy, involving local residents in the decision-making process, can enrich projects by taking into account the needs and varied perspectives of the community.