Episode#49 Alicante Investment Agency: Empowering Innovation and Urban Sustainability

GuestMaría José, the Head of Operations at ALIA - Alicante Investment Agency in Spain

Date of recording: 21 September 2023

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Summaries of Key Takeaways:  

  • Agency's Mission: Facilitates the arrival of companies and digital nomads, aiding with bureaucracy and connecting them with local networks. 
  • Economic Development: Focuses on enhancing Alicante's digital and innovative sectors, supported by the agency's efforts to streamline business establishment processes. 
  • Public-Private Collaboration: Stresses the importance of collaboration between the city, private entities, and citizens for mutual benefit and economic growth. 
  • Sustainability and Innovation: Aims to attract companies contributing to sustainability, aligning with broader goals for a green and sustainable city. 


“To you, what is a Smart City?”

María José: “A smart city is a city of the future and a city who utilize technology for a better world.”   



  • Provide Quality of Life

"Since [employees] have to be sitting all day long in front of the computer, at least they want to have sea views or live in a middle-sized city that will provide them with a nice and friendly social environment." - María José

  • Collaboration between the public and private sectors is essential to streamline processes and offer incentives.

"The public initiative cannot survive without the help of the citizens and the local tissue. [...] All these companies will bring people or hire local talent. So it's important to be working altogether in this." - María José

  • Encourage companies that focus on sustainability and climate solutions to establish themselves in your city.

"Whenever we have a request from a company that we identify as having a solution for a problem and having in their best interest to be sustainable, we immediately give it a high priority." - María José