okres Kladno, Kladno, Czechia

Episode: #21 Kladno & SPARCS: Replication or "Copy, Edit and Paste"

Guests: David Škorňa - Head of Project SPARCS for the City of Kladno, and Gretel Schaj - Regional Manager of BABLE Iberia and the Project Lead from BABLE for the SPARCS project


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Summaries of Key Takeaways:

  • SPARCS Project Overview: Aims to create positive energy districts and communities, emphasizing sustainability and citizen involvement.
  • Replication and Adaptation: Discusses the importance of adapting successful strategies from lighthouse cities to fellow cities like Kladno, tailored to local contexts.
  • Challenges of Implementation: Highlights the learning and adaptation process for cities new to the project, focusing on understanding local needs and conditions.
  • Collaboration Across Europe: Underlines the collaborative yet diverse nature of cities within the project, facing unique geographical and cultural challenges.
  • Innovation and Local Solutions: Encourages innovation by learning from other cities, with a focus on adapting solutions that fit local conditions and infrastructure.


“To you, what is a Smart City?”:

David Škorňa: “Smart city? I would say it's smart people. It's uh, about people all the time. You know, if there are smart people, that means they are open, open to exploit new, new things, innovations, new ideas from colleagues from, I dunno, and other cities. It's about opening yourself for the new knowledge in, in the sense that we are the fellow cities, we suppose to that as well. And we want to do that as well. And uh, yeah, and I think the partnership is behind the definition of the Smart Cities. And, and at the top of that there's technology and digitalization which might help you to steer these kind of ideas and to help you trigger what you think or your colleagues think, you know, otherwise digitalization without these smart people behind or without, for instance, any efficient processes which are invented by smart people, right? Digitalization and this technology steering, this kind of things would be much more slow and not that efficient. So I think it's about the people, about the people who are just the core and denominator of the Smart City.”