Main issues must be clearly stated

The Castellón Provincial Council has presented Diputació Resol, a pioneering plan for small towns to have more economic resources thanks to energy efficiency and sustainability.

The program has three main lines of action with the aim of reducing energy costs and that municipalities have more money available to invest in services and improvements for their neighbors.


Province of Castellón, Valencian Community, Spain.

  • Aín
  • Alcudia de Veo
  • Algimia
  • Espadilla
  • Gaibiel
  • La Mata
  • Matet
  • Torrechiva
  • Vistabella

Main facts/points outlined in body of text

  • Diputació Resol has three main lines of action.
  • 1st - an energy transition plan that will consist in the installation of self-consumption energy sources.
    • The commitment of the Diputació will consist in the elaboration of projects, studies and execution of the installations entrusted by the municipalities with the aim of covering the energy demand through renewable sources .
    • The energy transition plan will benefit a total of 57 municipalities with less than 1,000 inhabitants in the first year of its implementation, that is, in the next fiscal year 2024, with an investment of 946,000 euros.
    • In the first year of implementation of the plan, a total of 161 installations will be installed, which will achieve a saving of 30% in the electricity bill of each municipality.
  • 2º - centralized contracting of the electricity supply.
    • In view of the volatility of energy prices and the escalating costs faced by local councils, the Castellón Provincial Council offers centralized contracting of sustainable energy for municipalities.
  • 3º - the municipal public lighting management service.
    • This service integrates Smartvillages remote management technology and enables efficient management of public lighting. The proposal unifies and coordinates the advisory services and technical assistance already provided by this institution to municipalities, in a structured and comprehensive manner.