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The Ministry of Enterprise, Employment and Energy of the Government of the Balearic Islands has presented the energy promotion plan 'Acceleram' with the aim of speeding up the payment of grants and other procedures related to energy subsidies for individuals and companies.


Balearic Islands, Spain

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  • The plan has been designed by the General Directorate of Circular Economy, Energy Transition and Climate Change. Thanks to this plan, 11 interim civil servants have been hired to serve as reinforcement in the administrative tasks of processing subsidy files.
  • It should be noted that reinforcement offices will also be set up to facilitate information and procedures for interested persons, as well as for micro, small and medium-sized companies.
  • The 'Acceleram' plan will enable the activation of around 16,000 subsidy applications in process, in addition to speeding up the payment of some 2,128 files whose payment obligations amount to approximately 7.5 million euros.
  • The economic amount committed so far in subsidies amounts to 64.4 million euros out of a total of 235 million euros called for in several annuities. 2 million in ERDF-related grants are to be processed by the Directorate General by December of this year.
  • This plan also aims to reduce the time it takes to resolve cases by half in less than six months. The government emphasizes that its plans include continuing to call for aid with growing demand, such as the Moves program or the different lines of aid for the installation of self-consumption with renewable energy sources, or specific aid for the use of thermal renewable energies.