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Transport for London (TfL) is making strides in its mission to provide eco-friendly transportation options while enhancing services in the outer London borough of Sutton. The recent addition of over 80 zero-emission electric buses on routes 93, 154, 164, 213, 80, and 413 marks a significant step toward TfL's goal of achieving a fully zero-emission bus fleet by 2034.

Deputy Mayor for Transport, Seb Dance, announced this initiative in Sutton on August 23, 2023, emphasizing the importance of cleaner public transport for the community. These new additions bring the total number of zero-emission buses in Sutton to nearly 100, representing over half of the area's bus journeys. This ambitious move aligns with TfL's objective to attain a zero-emission fleet by 2034, potentially even by 2030 with government support, aiming to save millions of tonnes of carbon emissions.

Since January 2023, enhancements have also been made to various bus routes, contributing an additional one million kilometers of service annually to the outer London bus network. The Sutton zero-emission buses feature spacious wheelchair areas, panoramic upper-deck roofing, USB charging ports, and LED displays. Moreover, extensions to existing routes and a new service, S2, will be introduced in early 2024, further expanding transportation options for Sutton residents.

This initiative is a part of TfL's broader efforts to combat air quality issues in London, where thousands of premature deaths are linked to air pollution each year. The deployment of electric and low-emission buses is a crucial step in reducing toxic air and carbon emissions, ultimately aiming to create a cleaner, greener, and more equitable London.

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