With technological development and the virtualization of public attendance services, the necessity to make more services available in a single payment terminal emerged, namely through self-service multimedia kiosks. So, it is necessary to develop solutions adapted to gas and service stations.

With self-service multimedia kiosks and Digital Signage, you can offer your customers more convenience by allowing them to check-out faster at gas stations and service stations. Not only will the customer be more satisfied, but the employees can also dedicate themselves to more important tasks.

Self-service multimedia kiosks offer a self-service system that enables automated, faster and more convenient payment for customers. With the help of this multimedia kiosk, customers can fill up their vehicles and then, without having to go to the counter, can make the payment at the kiosk.

The Digital Signage solutions are also an added value at gas stations and service stations as, when on stand-by, the kiosk can function as a Digital Signage point with the exhibition of videos and promotional images on the displays.

It is possible to supply simple and effective automatic payment kiosks, which, besides their robustness, are characterized by the possibility of customization and wide payment options. It is possible to integrate in these payment machines different components, such as card reader, anti-vandalism keyboard, printer, scanner, barcode, webcam, among others.

Technology can, thus, simplify the creation of a quick and memorable experience and meet changing consumer preferences, in any activity and in any industry.

Benefits of multimedia kiosks and Digital Signage for gas stations and service stations

Ensuring high reliability and maximum performance, multimedia kiosks and Digital Signage are extremely beneficial for gas and service stations, since:

  • They provide a wide variety of payment methods;
  • They provide a more efficient and safer work environment for employees;
  • They operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • They improve customer service by being easy to use;
  • They promote complementary products and services through Digital Signage;
  • They adapt to the needs of clients and projects;
  • They are customizable;
  • They make clients more satisfied;
  • They are secure;
  • They reduce long queues;
  • They save time;
  • They are more convenient for customers.

A unified and personalized shopping experience

The adoption of technology throughout the customer journey enables a more attractive and dynamic experience.

Ease of payment and payment security at gas stations and service stations create a better shopping experience for customers.

When you reinvent the way gas stations and service stations operate, you generate increased sales and greater operational efficiency.

In the European Union, equipment used in atmospheres likely to become explosive, such as gas stations and service stations, must comply with the ATEX directive (94/9/EEC or 2014/34/EU after April 20 of 2016). This directive – ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosives) – is intended to protect people and equipment in applications involving explosive atmospheres containing a mixture of flammable substances in the form of gases, vapors, mists or dusts. Protecting the public, the workforce and the environment from explosive atmospheres is fundamental. Explosion protection is, therefore, a vital aspect in any industry or activity, and so we recommend all customers to pay attention to this fact and to check the installation conditions and recommendations before any purchase of this type of equipment.