This Use Case was co-created by citizens and organisations of the Move2CCAM project Satellites. Any information on this post is provided for research and informational purposes only and is not to be relied upon as a real-life implementation whatsoever.


Description: Serving two purposes, this AV Bus transforms itself at night as a delivery van. During the day it transports passengers across the city. It is owned by the City Council and is powered with Hydrogen.

Goal: The primary objective of this dual-purpose AV Bus is to maximize urban efficiency and sustainability. Operated by the City Council, it functions as a passenger transporter throughout the day, ensuring residents have access to clean and convenient transit. By night, it seamlessly transitions into a delivery van, optimizing urban logistics without adding to the vehicular fleet. Furthermore, its hydrogen-powered mechanism underscores the city's commitment to eco-friendly transportation solutions, reducing emissions and promoting a greener urban environment.

Co-created by: Citizens and organisations in Spain. 

Potential business model

  • Revenue stream: The service would be owned by the city's transportation company and revenues will be generated through a timed subscription that allows passengers unlimited transportation.
  • Users/customers: Citizens of all ages from rural areas



Photo credit: Avenue


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