This Use Case was co-created by citizens and organisations of the Move2CCAM project Satellites. Any information on this post is provided for research and informational purposes only and is not to be relied upon as a real-life implementation whatsoever.


Description: Drone medicine delivery will transport medical supplies, such as vaccines or medicines, to individuals with impaired mobility or to remove or hard-to-reach locations in a fast and efficient manner.

Goal: The primary objective of the drone medicine delivery service is to ensure swift and efficient transportation of crucial medical supplies, including vaccines and medicines, directly to individuals who face mobility challenges or are situated in remote or difficult-to-access locations. By harnessing the capabilities of drone technology, the service aims to bridge the accessibility gap in healthcare delivery, ensuring that every individual, irrespective of their geographical location or physical condition, receives essential medical supplies in a timely fashion. This not only maximizes the reach of healthcare provisions but also significantly reduces the time-sensitive risks associated with delayed access to vital medications.

Co-created by: Citizens and organisations in  GZM Municipality, Poland. 

Potential business model

  • Revenue stream: The service can be both owned by a private or a service company and it will primarily create revenue through its transportation service. Offering individuals a subscription plan tailored to their needs and frequency-of-delivery needed. A single pay-per-use fee will be also available as well as a multiple journey/delivery ticket and a subscription (annual, monthly).
  • Users/customers: Individuals with impaired mobility.



Photo credit: Vodafone


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