This Use Case was co-created by citizens and organisations of the Move2CCAM project Satellites. Any information on this post is provided for research and informational purposes only and is not to be relied upon as a real-life implementation whatsoever.


Description: These AV trucks will transport goods efficiently and safely, eliminating the need for drivers. The truck will navigate routes, deliver cargo, and optimize supply chains, ensuring timely and reliable freight transportation.

Goal: The primary objective of the AV truck service is to revolutionize freight transportation by harnessing autonomous technology. Aimed at augmenting efficiency, the trucks autonomously navigate predefined routes to ensure precise cargo deliveries. By eliminating the need for drivers, the service enhances operational consistency and reduces human-related risks. Central to its design is the commitment to optimizing supply chains, ensuring that goods are transported in a timely manner without compromising on safety. This system is envisioned to be a cornerstone in the modernization of logistics, setting new standards for reliability and efficiency in freight transportation.

Co-created by: Citizens and organisations in Spain. 

Potential business model

  • Revenue stream: The service will be owned by a private company and it will primarily create revenue through its transportation service. Offering companies a subscription plan tailored to their needs and frequency.
  • Users/customers: Companies needing delivery of goods 



Photo credit: Vera Volvo


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