This Use Case was co-created by citizens and organisations of the Move2CCAM project Satellites. Any information on this post is provided for research and informational purposes only and is not to be relied upon as a real-life implementation whatsoever.


Description: Delivery drones that picks up packages and navigate autonomously, delivering them to a specific location within its area of coverage. It operates on-demand, and will transport products, goods, or food items.

Goal: The primary objective of this service is to provide a swift, efficient, and on-demand delivery mechanism using autonomous drones. These drones are designed to pick up packages and accurately navigate to specific destinations within their operational zone. Whether it's products, everyday goods, or food items, the service aims to ensure timely and reliable deliveries, reducing the need for traditional delivery methods and offering a modern solution to meet the fast-paced demands of today's consumers.

Co-created by: Citizens and organisations in Cyprus.

Potential business model

  • Revenue stream: Revenue will be generated through the direct sales and renting of the drone, or through an annual subscription providing access to the service and then a fee per each delivery.
  • Users/customers: Companies needing delivery of goods. 



Photo credit: AI generation



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