Description:  Autonomous delivery bots designed to transport any package from one company to individuals, without the need for human intervention. Increases access to those with mobility issues. It operates 3 times per day and serves the whole city's territory.

Goal: The principal aim of the autonomous delivery bot service is to revolutionize package transportation from companies directly to individuals, entirely devoid of human interaction. This system places a significant emphasis on enhancing accessibility, especially catering to those facing mobility challenges. Operating thrice daily, it offers city-wide coverage, ensuring consistent and widespread availability to meet the diverse delivery needs of the entire urban population.

Co-created by: Citizens and organisations in Helmond, Netherlands. 

Potential business model

  • Revenue stream: The service would be owned by a private company and will primarily create revenue through its delivery service. Offering as the main payment option various subscription plans, such as: single pay-per-use, multiple journeys, monthly or annual subscriptions.
  • Users/customers: Companies needing delivery of goods 



Photo credit: Jeniece Pettitt | CNBC