The European Commission is ramping up support for European start-ups and SMEs in their development of trustworthy AI aligned with EU values. The new AI package includes:

  • setting up AI Factories and making sure AI supercomputer infrastructure available for start-ups can be purchased and upgraded
  • a decision to establish an AI Office in the Commission which can develop and coordinate AI policy at European level and supervise the implementation and enforcement of the AI Act
  • an EU AI Start-Up and Innovation Communication which outlines key activities such as financial and equity support, Common European Data Spaces and other initiatives.

Additionally, the Commission will collaborate with Member States to establish European Digital Infrastructure Consortiums to develop shared infrastructure for language technologies and advanced AI tools, benefiting cities in optimizing various processes. This reinforces the Commission's commitment to boosting EU AI competitiveness while upholding EU values.

Source of information: https://commission.europa.eu/news/more-support-artificial-intelligence-start-ups-boost-innovation-2024-01-24_en (Published 24 January  2024).