The Berlin-based mobility consulting and concept agency fair spaces enables municipalities to get an overview of their existing and necessary mobility data with the Mobility Data Check.

The tool is based on the current Sustainable Mobility Indicators (SUMI). The SUMIs are to be taken into account when creating a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). The Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport promotes sustainable urban mobility plans.

After responding to a survey, a report is generated that shows what information is already available and what is still missing. It also provides recommendations on how to fill these data gaps. The basic product is also free of charge.

Carolin Kruse, Managing Director of fair spaces and project manager of the Mobility Data Check: "Our tool gives municipalities a clear overview of their data needs and enables them to close their data gaps. The check is an efficient tool to prepare a sustainable mobility concept."

For many municipalities (> 1,000 inhabitants*), this is expected to become even more important from 2026. A final EU decision is expected this fall A SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) may then (depending on the final EU decision this fall) be a prerequisite to receive funding for mobility measures.

Mobility data check: