Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Aurrigo International is currently testing its autonomous Auto-Shuttle in Milton Keynes, UK, connecting significant locations like Santander's new UK HQ at Unity Place, center:mk, the Theatre District, and Station Square. Part of the LivingLAPT project, funded by EIT Urban Mobility and led by University College London (UCL), these trials, previously in Prague and Brno, are among Europe's longest and most complex. The Auto-Shuttle, designed for eight passengers, utilizes lidar sensors and cameras, with an onboard operator. Trials, overseen by UCL, aim to provide insights into real-world autonomous vehicle deployment.

Key Points:

  • Location: Aurrigo tests the Auto-Shuttle in Milton Keynes, linking significant city locations.

  • Project Context: Part of the LivingLAPT project funded by EIT Urban Mobility and led by UCL.

  • Wide-ranging Trials: Previous trials in Prague and Brno make these among Europe's longest and most complex.

  • Auto-Shuttle Features: Designed for eight passengers, the Auto-Shuttle uses lidar sensors and cameras, with an onboard operator.

  • Operator Oversight: UCL's team oversees trials, gathering user feedback for ongoing development.

  • City Collaboration: Milton Keynes, a hub for self-driving tech, engaged in Aurrigo's driverless vehicle trials in 2014.

  • Auto-Shuttle Route: Navigating a 25-minute loop in Milton Keynes, addressing complex city intersections and diverse road users.

  • Councillor's Perspective: Councillor Wilson-Marklew sees Milton Keynes as a tech leader, providing a global blueprint for self-driving vehicle tech.

  • Research Focus: UCL's Anvari focuses on minimizing human safety operators and refining safety and trust in autonomous vehicles.

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