Valencia, Spain

Main issues must be clearly stated

Schools in Valencia participate in various awareness and action activities in the framework of the energy transition through the project 'My Center in Transition', an initiative of the Valencia City Council, which is developed through the municipal Energy Office. The program carries out audits in schools, with the aim of reducing their energy consumption and CO2 emissions. To do this, a technical team analyzes with measuring equipment the energy spent by each center in heating or lighting to analyze consumption habits, and offer measures for the reduction and optimization of spending.


Valencia, Spain

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  • The project started in February 2021 at IES SERPIS, in the Maritime district, with Biology and Technology students in the 4th year of ESO. For the current course, 17 secondary schools have already enrolled, as well as the Popular University centers of Ayora, Orriols, Nou Moles, Abastos and Jesús, making a total of 22.
  • With this program a reduction of the energy bill of public centers is achieved while spreading a new culture of efficiency and responsibility in the use of energy.
  • This program aims to reduce the gas or electricity bill by improving consumption efficiency, but, above all, it aims to make students understand the concept of energy transition, to associate energy consumption and production with CO2 emissions, to make them aware of their consumption habits both at school and at home, to collaborate in energy saving and, finally, to stimulate reflection on the use of energy.
  • For all these reasons, in addition to an eco-audit during the school year, workshops are scheduled in working groups involving students, families and teachers.
  • The purpose of this program is to get the educational community to make a more conscious and efficient use of energy in the center, advancing on the path towards energy transition. By working with the educational centers closest to the office, the transition center project is extended to a transition neighborhood project where the educational centers are the drivers of the model and the engine of change.