Main issues must be clearly stated

The Mesa Insular sobre la pobreza energética has been formed to address energy vulnerability on La Palma. The Table is formed by municipalities, Cabildo Insular, third sector entities, the energy community Energía Bonita and La Palma Renovable. The aim of the Committee is to study the situation of energy poverty in the homes of La Palma, share experiences and implement measures to address it.


Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain

Main facts/points outlined in body of text

  • La Palma Renovable in collaboration with the analyst José Luis López prepared a report on energy poverty in La Palma in 2022, in which several worrying indicators came to light:
    • 16.7% of the population has been late in paying its electricity bill at some point in time,
    • 9.62% of users show an excessive dedication of their income to pay their bill,
    • 28.3% of Palmeros households recognize that they are not able to maintain an adequate temperature in the home, etc.
  • A series of objectives have been set at the Mesa Insular to address energy poverty on the island with the following purposes:
    • 1st: to share experiences and problems encountered on the island.
    • 2nd: to try to reach a consensus on a common way of collecting data for the analysis and monitoring of fuel poverty.
    • 3rd: to propose common and joint actions for La Palma.
  • The initiative arises from La Palma Renovable and has already become a project of the group of entities that form it. Although there is the intention that new entities join, the members at the time of constitution of the Bureau on Fuel Poverty of La Palma are: La Palma Renovable, the social services of all the municipalities of the island, the Cabildo Insular de La Palma, the social entities Isonorte, Red Cross, Caritas and Provivienda, and the Energy Community Energía Bonita. All these institutions intend to take steps to mitigate the consequences of the difficulties in paying electricity bills in the homes of La Palma.
  • The La Palma Renovable project is a citizen initiative funded by the Cabildo of La Palma to promote a 100% renewable island, with a focus on distributed and citizen generation and local economy to achieve energy sovereignty for the island of La Palma.