Event date
16.11.2023 13:00 - 20:00
Time zone: Europe/Bucharest

Calea 13 Septembrie
050713 Bucharest, Romania

About ROPAT 2023
In a constantly evolving world, ROPAT 2023 is positioned at the center of public transport transformation, adapting to current urban and rural needs. With an increased focus on electric mobility, we ask: what is the next step in the evolution of public transport? The mission of ROPAT 2023 is to set the standards for the future of public transport and to present the innovations that define tomorrow's mobility.

ROPAT 2023 brings together the elite of public transport in Romania, bringing to the same table transport operators, ministers, secretaries of state, mayors, presidents of county councils alongside the most important suppliers in the industry.
The focus of the ROPAT conference is to help strengthen partnerships between the public and private sectors, aiming for quality public transport that emphasizes digitalisation, transparency, reducing pollution and improving the passenger experience.

We are dedicated to exploring opportunities, identifying challenges and developing solutions for sustainable and efficient transport at the national level.

ROPAT 2023 is not just a conference, but a true networking and collaboration hub.

We invite you to engage in dialogue with industry leaders at ROPAT 2023.