Malaga, Spain

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The area of Innovation, Digitalization and Investment Attraction of the City Council of Malaga, within the framework of a budget amendment approved by the Municipal Informatics Center (CEMI) in its governing council, will allocate 600,000 euros to the implementation of a new public wifi network in 99 municipal offices and 400,000 euros to actions for the deployment of e-administration.

The 600,000 euros will be allocated to implement the new wifi network in Malaga, which will replace the current one, installed 12 years ago in municipal buildings and which has limitations in terms of speed and equipment. Once the budget has been allocated, this project will begin its administrative processing.

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Malaga, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

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  • It is foreseen that 99 municipal offices (libraries, citizen and social services centers, district boards, administrative offices, educational or educational-cultural activities promotion offices, tourist offices, etc.) will offer this new service, which will enable a greater use for users, with numerous features and functionalities.
  • The deployment will be self-provisioned by the municipal offices, so it will no longer have the 256 Kbps limitation, so it will be able to provide broadband service (30 Mb or more), and with the latest security and accessibility measures in force in the market.
  • Wi-Fi technology is based on access points located inside municipal buildings that offer coverage to users within a radius of 30-100 meters. These access points are connected, in turn, to the municipal corporate network, sharing the transmission infrastructure in a secure manner. This system will allow citizens and tourists to connect to the Internet and employees to the municipal intranet.
  • The City of Malaga aims to enhance the efficiency of municipal workers through the implementation of online collaboration tools and access to internal systems, facilitate the provision of municipal services to citizens through virtual applications and citizen service portals, provide tourist information, translation and online guidance services; boost the economy by promoting local businesses through a Marketplace and telematic training programs, as well as providing entertainment and cultural resources online for citizens, with access to virtual events, digital libraries and tourist guides.
  • The budget amendment also includes 400,000 euros allocated to actions for the deployment of electronic administration and renewal of equipment.
  • It includes items for the renewal of central communications equipment with network software (100,000 euros), acquisition of equipment for workstations as part of the implementation of the complete digitization of the municipal administration (210,000 euros) and expansion of the high-performance disk booth (90,000 euros).