Prague, Czechia

The City of Prague is launching a pilot scheme to integrate all transit services and payments into a single app called Lítačka. Operátor ICT, Prague's municipal company, is implementing the app, which aims to streamline registration and payment for various mobility services such as bike and carsharing, taxis, parking, and public transport. The goal is to simplify the use of shared mobility services for citizens and promote alternative modes of transport in the city.

Key features of the Lítačka app include:

  • Unified Registration and Payment: Users can register for the service on their phones within minutes, and the app eliminates the need for multiple registrations across different mobility providers.
  • Integration of Mobility Services: The app connects various mobility providers with Prague's integrated transport system, allowing users to access and pay for different services seamlessly.
  • Up-to-Date Schedule Information and Maps: The app provides real-time schedule information and maps to assist users in planning their journeys efficiently.

The pilot scheme will span 28 months and consist of four stages:

  1. System Architecture: Focuses on developing the system architecture based on functional and operational requirements.
  2. Software Development: Involves creating software for uniform registration and payment for mobility services and integrating it into the PID Lítačky application.
  3. Testing: The third stage is dedicated to testing the integrated system.
  4. Trial Operation: The final stage involves the trial operation of the Lítačka app.

The initiative aligns with Prague's climate action plan, which aims to reduce emissions by 45 percent by 2030. As part of the plan, the city aims to enhance sustainable mobility options. An existing initiative provides public transit pass holders with two free 15-minute bikeshare trips per day, encouraging the use of public transport for the majority of journeys and shared bikes for the last mile.

The city has also expanded its tram network and is currently constructing a fourth metro line to improve overall transportation infrastructure.

Source:Prague launches mobility-as-a-service pilot - Cities Today (cities-today.com)