Summary: OnoMotion (a Berlin-based tech firm) and E-cargobikes (a London-based delivery company) collaborate to introduce a second-generation e-cargobike in the UK market. This innovative vehicle combines the agility of a bike with the capacity of a van, aiming to revolutionize urban deliveries and tackle environmental challenges related to pollution and climate change.


  • Enhanced design: the Ono e-cargo bike features increased payload capacity (up to 200kgs) and modular loading, enabling longer journeys and diverse service activities.

  • Sustainability focus: aligning with a vision for sustainable logistics, these bikes aim to replace polluting vans with low-energy, secure, and innovative swap-body technology

  • Launch details: premiering at the London EV Show (28-30 November, ExCeL London), marking a significant shift in eco-friendly last-mile transportation. A panel discussion on 29 November, led by OnoMotion's co-CEO, explores light electric vehicles' efficiency in deliveries.​​​​​​​

Source of information: https://www.smartcitiesworld.net/logistics/london-and-berlin-firms-collaborate-on-last-mile-delivery-9616 (Published 27 November 2023)