The City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has presented the award of the 'Digital Twin' project of the city, an initiative of the departments of Tourism, Modernization and Mobility, developed through Sagulpa, to improve planning and decision making in the capital.
This technological tool, a pioneer in Spain, will provide a digital representation of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with a highly detailed and accurate three-dimensional model that will cover essential elements of the urban structure, such as buildings, roads, public spaces and unique natural features of the environment.

The city's 'Digital Twin' will serve three main functions. First, it will accelerate innovation by enabling simulation and experimentation in a virtual environment. Secondly, it will foster collaboration between government and private companies and local communities by providing a common and understandable platform.
Finally, the system will help reduce time and costs in the urban planning process by identifying problems and solutions early, and shorten project timelines by enabling more efficient communication between stakeholders.

The mayor of the Presidency, Modernization and Human Resources, Francisco Hernández Spínola, said that 'Gemelo Digital' "is a technological solution that allows for a representation of the city's urban planning process.This is a technological solution that allows a representation of the city with elements on which to consult information in real time and also to make future simulations based on historical data.

"This tool, which is implemented for the first time in Spain with integrated Tourism and Mobility data, enables the City Council to make a more effective planning of different elements of the city such as traffic or public transport," he said. In the future, with Gemelo Digital - added Spinola - "other analyses and projections will be able to be made on other different subjects such as Urban Planning, Roads and Works or Parks and Gardens, which can be located on the territory of the municipality".

The municipal company, Sagulpa, is thus at the forefront of the State in technological innovation and is positioned as the best tool available to the municipality to develop projects and models to improve decision-making processes and that will enable us to continue advancing in the transformation of the capital towards a more sustainable city.The project has been awarded to 'ESRI Spain: Geospatial Solutions'.