Madrid, Spain

Main issues must be clearly stated

The Madrid City Council has announced the opening of a new process for entities to join the Consistory's Green Office. This office is a tool to inform and raise awareness among the citizens of Madrid about the importance of energy efficiency and the rational use of energy in homes.


Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

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  • The Madrid City Council approved the creation of the Green Office in June 2021, which serves as a meeting and information point to raise awareness among citizens and professionals in the construction sector about the need to promote sustainability in buildings and homes in the city. The office, which has a digital support platform, informs about the benefits of energy rehabilitation, sustainability and savings, as well as available aid.
  • The Green Office informs about the environmental benefits (by reducing polluting gases), from the point of view of health, savings in energy bills and the revaluation of properties through energy efficiency. It also provides information on all public aid for renovation and regeneration.
  • The Green Office aims to communicate and raise awareness of the importance of energy rehabilitation in the residential fabric of Madrid and the advantages it generates in terms of sustainability and savings. It also aims to be a reference in energy matters not only for residents but also for professionals in the sector, such as refurbishment companies, energy service companies, manufacturers, property managers, professional associations, etc.
  • As a support and dissemination tool, the Green Office is accompanied by a Green Platform, open to the participation of all the agents involved in energy refurbishment processes. In this way, information can be disseminated through the Internet and social networks, thus reaching a wider audience with a more current and practical language.
  • Since its creation, and for a better fulfillment of its functions, the office has been a meeting point not only with neighbors, but also with professionals in the sector such as refurbishment and energy services companies, manufacturers, property managers and professional associations.
  • The collaborating entities help in the dissemination work, as well as in the organization of conferences and events. The good results of this procedure, which has led to a considerable increase in the number of entities collaborating with the Green Office, as well as the need to continue to meet the objectives of making the population and companies aware of the importance of energy efficiency in housing, have led to the need to initiate a new procedure for participation in the Green Office.
  • According to the City Council, more than half of Madrid's dwellings were built before 1980, 20% are structurally inadequate, 96% are energy inefficient and only 23% of residential buildings are accessible (something that has a profound influence on their energy efficiency). The goal of the Madrid City Council is to go from 2,040 efficiently rehabilitated homes in 2021 to 20,400 in 2030.
  • In this context, the Delegate Housing Area wants to start meeting the targets set by the European Union in terms of emissions reductions and rehabilitated housing. To this end, the new Green Office will be key, a physical space with trained and qualified staff that will serve as a source of technical information and will also inform about the lines of financing and public calls for aid in the field of rehabilitation and regeneration.

More information: https://www.emvs.es/OficinaVerde