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The Junta de Andalucía has presented in Lucena (Córdoba) the actions included in the value chain plan CRECE Industry of energy, refrigeration and air conditioning. With this roadmap, the Andalusian Government aims to accompany companies to meet challenges such as digitization to improve productivity, product eco-design, electronic waste management for reuse, equipment certification and collaboration with other sectors to create synergies.

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Andalusia, Spain

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  • The CRECE Industria plan is based on the development of the main value chains of industrial goods and services in order to land the promotion and impulse measures in the different sectors, and to fix value to the territories through an integral vision that covers the complete life cycle of the industrial goods or products.
  • The actions contemplated in the plan have a budget of 20 million Euros and the aim is to mobilize 77 million Euros in investments.
  • Through this plan, each Andalusian province will benefit from at least five of the 19 value chain plans that are being promoted. In the case of the province of Cordoba, there are six plans that will have a significant impact in addition to energy, refrigeration and air conditioning, such as wood and furniture; textile, leather and footwear; industrialized construction; pharmaceutical industry; and jewelry industry.
  • The plan includes 32 initiatives, including the promotion of the hybridization of technologies to create more efficient and effective solutions, for example, integrating renewables with storage technologies or demand management systems, as well as a Net-Zero collaborative project to develop and offer solutions that result in net-zero carbon emissions.
  • Its objectives focus on the growth of the industrial ecosystem, anticipation based on innovation, raising productivity through process optimization, digitalization and promotion and attracting talent, and supporting the commercial and international expansion of companies in the sector.
  • Among the planned actions, the experience in business collaboration and the high potential of renewable resources and implementation of energy efficiency measures stand out, which can attract industrial and R&D&I investments related to climate change and energy. In addition to opportunities such as new areas of development in sectors such as health or the agri-food industry, and also linked to new energy vectors such as sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), green hydrogen or automotive electrification.
  • The energy transformation, with the deployment of advanced technology, represents a unique opportunity for Andalusian industry, which is why the plan also envisages Andalusia's participation in partnerships and alliances within Europe.