Attention all cities! We are Park4Dis (, a game-changing platform transforming accessibility worldwide that provides real-time information on accessible parking spaces. It offers navigation guidance and allows users to report issues they encounter, ensuring a seamless mobility experience. For the cities, a 

  • Recognized by the ONCE Foundation and the United Nations with the prestigious Zero Project 2022 award
  • We invite your city to join over 300 municipalities already part of Park4Dis. Benefit from our turnkey proposal, including mapping of central areas, enrollment as a Park4Dis city, a compliance report with local regulations, and an exclusive awareness session for EU parking cardholders.
  • Discover new funding opportunities with specific grants available to support your project. Our team will guide you through the process, making accessibility improvements financially feasible.

Let's connect! Reach out to learn more about Park4Dis and how it can enhance accessibility in your city, you can send us a DM or write us at,

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