Seixal, Portugal

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A very simple and practical way to travel on the Almada and Seixal metro, if you are an occasional passenger who does not have a Navegante pass.

It's very simple and practical: just open the MB Way app, scan the QR code at the station and pay. The journey costs the usual 85 cents and you save the 50 cents of buying the card. As of this week, it is possible to travel occasionally on the MTS, the light metro south of the Tagus, with just your cell phone and MB Way - no queues and no cards.


Área Metropolitana de Lisboa, Portugal

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  • With this system, developed by SIBS and implemented in 2022 on STCP buses in Porto, passengers no longer need to purchase a physical transport card in advance, but can only use their cell phone to read a QR code and make the payment in a few minutes.
  • There are QR codes at all 18 stations on the MTS network, which covers the municipalities of Almada and Seixal and consists of three lines.
  • Mobile payment on public transport brings with it a number of significant advantages that could revolutionize the way passengers handle their daily journeys
  • This approach is driven by the advancement of mobile technology and the growing adoption of payment apps such as MB Way.
  • One of the main advantages of mobile payments is the convenience offered to passengers, with no need to carry cash or specific physical cards to pay for journeys.
  • Another advantage is the speed and agility of this system. Mobile payments speed up the process of boarding and disembarking the metro. Instead of needing cash or waiting to insert a card into a machine, simply scan a QR code with your smartphone and your purchase is made in a matter of seconds.

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  • MTS (Metro Transportes do Sul) is the first operator in the Lisbon metropolitan area to offer MB Way as a way to buy travel.