Summary: The National Transport Authority (NTA) in Ireland has recently awarded a significant contract to Trapeze ITS, a leading public transport solution provider. This project aims to streamline the country's bus services by connecting all 2,300 buses through an automatic vehicle location (AVL) system, heralding numerous benefits.

Key Points:

  • The NTA in Ireland has chosen Trapeze ITS to unify the country's bus services through a cloud-based system, facilitating a more efficient and integrated public transport network.
  • The new system will significantly improve the passenger experience by providing accurate and consistent passenger information, reducing waiting times, and enhancing overall journey times.
  • The AVL system incorporates advanced AI prediction algorithms, AI-powered monitoring of bus lane blockages to minimize delays, and automatic passenger counting, all contributing to a smoother and more reliable public transport experience.
  • Trapeze ITS will deliver a single, consistent service management solution for all Public Service Obligation (PSO) bus operators, offering real-time information through TFI Live, on-street displays, and data exports to third-party applications.
  • The new system will allow both existing and new bus operators to bid for services and utilize improved service control tools, optimizing operations and reporting to ensure the success and cost-effectiveness of the bus network.

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Source of information: https://www.smartcitiesworld.net/cloud-and-edge-computing/irish-transport-authority-unifies-bus-services-via-the-cloud (Published 08 January 2024).