NEW from BABLE!  

One of our goals at BABLE towards constantly driving the change for a better urban life is to put our thoughts and expertise out in the public area to foster an exchange of ideas. One new way that we are doing so is with our brand new Medium publication!  We invite you to take a look and share your thoughts with us and the community.  

New articles:  

Looking beyond hospitals: public health in smart cities by our in-house public health expert and consultant @Shannon Macika 

Are smart villages the solution to an overpopulated urban society? by our Smart City Consultant @Miguel Mosca 

Call for authors:  

In addition to sharing our own thoughts, we would like to invite you to submit your piece for consideration for publication. We will consider posts for publication that holistically discuss topics relevant to smart cities (no individual or company-based promotion, please).   Feel free to contact us with any questions about submitting your article for consideration.