70 global and national partners have joined the Swedish city Helsingborg on the journey towards H22 City Expo in the summer of 2022. One of them is global giant IKEA who for the first time ever starts a collaboration with an entire city. 

Life at home and life in the city with IKEA

Through three projects in Helsingborg, IKEA wants to explore what life at home might look like in the future, both inside and outside the four walls. Together with residents and local stakeholders, the aim is to tackle societal challenges with both inspiration and concrete action at three locations in the city.

The Neighbourhood: Drottninghög

IKEA will be working with residents and local stakeholders to promote skills development and strengthen social inclusion. The goal for 2021 is to establish a local urban farming venue, a dynamic marketplace, and a community kitchen.

The Forest: Fredriksdal

Students from around the world will share their visions of what an alternative, fully sustainable community would be like, and it will be built in the city’s Fredriksdal forest leading up to and during H22 City Expo.

The Harbour: Oceanhamnen

An abandoned warehouse in the Oceanhamnen harbour area will be used to showcase IKEA’s ideas for the sustainable home of tomorrow, with themes such as “The Future of Manufacturing” and “The Future of Retail”.


Find out more about the H22 City Expo and the IKEA-partnership.

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