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Interested in learning how to transform public spaces in more thriving places?

Join us at the workshop taking place ONLINE on the 28th of November from 10h00 to 11h30 CET time.

BABLE Smart Cities has developed an innovative methodology for transforming public spaces into thriving places based on people's and communities’ needs, where users and citizens want to spend time and enjoy shared life and activities. Most city planners and experts (like yourself) will probably agree that some form of citizen/user consultation early in the planning process is ideal, if not crucial. However, public participation practices generally haven’t been able to evolve as fast as our cities grow in complexity and diversity.In order to achieve a truly sustainable and inclusive approach and generate long-lasting impact, we are proposing a new methodology that integrates techniques from Human Centred Design into urban planning practices.

This workshop is dedicated to Public Authorities, City officers, Transport Companies and Railways, and experts who work in city planning and want to know more about how to engage citizens and space users in the design process of a public space.

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