Municipalities in Europe have several main income streams, which vary depending on the country and the local political and economic context. Some of the most common income streams for municipalities in Europe include:

  1. Tax revenues: Local taxes such as property taxes, business taxes, and income taxes are a major source of revenue for municipalities in many countries. These taxes are usually collected by the national government and then distributed to municipalities based on a formula that takes into account factors such as population size and economic activity.
  2. Grants and subsidies: Many municipalities in Europe receive financial support from the national government in the form of grants and subsidies. These can be used to finance specific projects or programs, such as infrastructure improvements or social services.
  3. User fees and charges: Municipalities often generate revenue by charging for services such as waste collection, parking, and recreational facilities. These fees are typically based on the cost of providing the service, and are charged to residents or businesses within the municipality.
  4. Investment income: Some municipalities generate revenue through investments such as real estate or infrastructure projects. These investments can be used to generate income in the form of rent or royalties, which can then be used to support municipality budget.
  5. Sales of assets or services: Municipalities sometimes sell assets or services that they own or control, such as land, buildings, or infrastructure. The revenue from these sales can then be used to support municipality budget.
  6. Public-private partnerships: Municipalities can also generate revenue through public-private partnerships, where private companies invest in infrastructure or other projects in exchange for a share of the revenue generated by those projects.

It's important to note that the above income streams might have variations depending on the country, the type of municipality and the specific context, and municipalities often have to rely on a combination of income streams in order to finance their activities.