Helsingborg invites the world to explore urban sustainability

In the summer of 2022, the City of Helsingborg, Sweden, will host a 35-day international event to showcase, test, and co-create smart solutions for more sustainable cities. Leading changemakers – from within the city, Sweden, throughout the Nordics, Europe, and the world – will come together in a unique arena to work alongside citizens and accelerate urban transformation in liveable, thoughtful cities.

More than 200 programme features will have content provided not only by local actors but by pioneering national and international industry leaders. With the entire city as a living lab, ground-breaking innovations will be showcased and co-developed in an environment of imagination and shared ambition. Visitors from across the world will participate in conferences, site visits, experiments, hackathons, and much more besides – all with the goal of improving quality of life in tomorrow’s city.

Mark 30 May-3 July in your calendar already and make Helsingborg your no. 1 destination next summer!

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