The Awards include a national phase, where candidates first compete within their own country, and an international phase, gathering the champions of each platforms.

Originally a competition dedicated to green buildings, the Green Solutions Awards have in recent years expanded their scope to districts and infrastructures in order to take into account a wider variety of sustainable city solutions and actors. Buildings, districts, infrastructures, apply in one of these 3 categories:

Category Buildings  

This category of competition welcomes all buildings (tertiary, housing, schools, public buildings...) new or renovated, delivered and with a good energy and environmental performance (contest rules).


Category Districts

The Districts category of the competition welcomes islands, eco-districts, campuses, hospitals, joint development zones, etc.: totally or partially delivered, with good environmental performance (contest rules).


Category Infrastructures

This category includes best practices in major projects and services related to the city: green energies, water cycle, shared gardens, responsible mobility, circular economy... The category rewards realisations with sustainable and innovative aspects (contest rules).


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