Manchester, United Kingdom

A new report by the European Environment Agency (EEA) has ranked Greater Manchester as the worst city in Europe for clean and green transport, based on indicators such as air quality, public transport accessibility, cycling infrastructure and electric vehicle charging points. The report found that Greater Manchester had the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter pollution in the continent, as well as the lowest share of trips made by walking, cycling or public transport. The report also highlighted the lack of investment and planning for sustainable mobility in the city, and urged local authorities to take urgent action to improve the situation.
The UK head of the Clean Cities Campaign, Oliver Lord, said: “The poor performance of UK cities in our ranking is partly down to the government’s much-delayed transport bill, which has stalled the rollout of e-scooters and is now clearly damaging the country’s longstanding reputation as a frontrunner in climate and new technology.” 

Source: The Guardian