G2 1DY Glasgow, United Kingdom

Glasgow is advancing plans for a green funding model to secure investment for a climate-resilient future. The city aims to partner with organizations for large-scale interventions in energy systems, transport, buildings, and biodiversity. Having already attracted over £300 million in public investment, Glasgow looks to learn from Bristol's successful investment mechanism.

The areas of investment cover a diverse range of investments including energy, transportation, infrastructure, social innovation, and urban development as Glasgow works towards building a climate-resilient and sustainable future.

1.     Energy Systems: Investments are likely to target the improvement and development of sustainable and low-carbon energy systems.

2.     Transportation: The focus on a regional metro system suggests significant investments in transportation infrastructure, including key links between Glasgow city center and destinations like Glasgow Airport, the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District, and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

3.     Buildings: Sustainable building practices and infrastructure may be a key area of investment to enhance the city's climate resilience.

4.     Biodiversity: The article mentions large-scale interventions in biodiversity, indicating potential investments in green spaces, conservation efforts, and ecological initiatives.

5.     City Marketing: The development of a new city marketing model suggests investments in strategies to promote Glasgow's economic dynamism, institutions, and achievements.

6.     Social Innovation Challenge Fund: The multi-million-pound fund is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and social innovators from under-served communities, focusing on initiatives that directly address challenges within Glasgow.

7.     Connectivity Commission: Investments in transportation and connectivity solutions are implied by the creation of an independent Connectivity Commission to rethink how the city moves.

8.     City Centre and Evening Economy: The City Centre Taskforce's focus on gathering data on the evening economy and addressing transport issues indicates potential investments in urban planning and infrastructure to enhance the city center's functionality, especially during evenings.

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