2860 Gladsaxe Municipality, Denmark

Market Fact

  • In response to the ongoing energy crisis, Gladsaxe Municipality in Denmark has launched Varmeplan 2030, aligning with key objectives from Energy Strategy 2035, Green Transition, and the Gladsaxe Strategy. The focus is on establishing district heating as the optimal, green solution in the densely built municipality.

           Location: Gladsaxe, Denmark

      Key Points:

  1. Local Green Energy Production: Addressing the energy crisis with a dual focus on climate sustainability and security of energy supply.
  2. District Heating Preference: Recognizing district heating as an efficient, cost-effective solution for the municipality's infrastructure.
  3. Infrastructure Benefits: The robust district heating system enhances energy supply security, with a long lifespan facilitating the shift to green energy sources.
  4. Expansion Projects: Gladsaxe Fjernvarme and Vestforbrænding Fjernvarme are driving district heating expansion in the southern and northern parts, respectively.
  5. Inclusive Approach: The municipality aims to offer district heating to all building owners, emphasizing a quick and efficient expansion with minimal citizen inconvenience.

          Gladsaxe Fjernvarme's expansion until 2027 in the southern part. Vestforbrænding Fjernvarme's plan targets 4,000 potential customers in Gladsaxe by 2030, with a potential early start in 2028.
          Varmeplan 2030 serves as a strategic guide, propelling Gladsaxe towards sustainable energy goals through swift and efficient district heating expansion.


https://gladsaxe.dk/kommunen/politik/planer-politikker-og-visioner/miljoe-og-klima/varmeplan-2030 / 21th of December