Overview: Bitkom's recent survey of 1,003 individuals aged 16 and over in Germany provides insights into attitudes towards private car ownership and the potential shift towards alternative mobility options. 

Key points:

  • Potential for car ownership reduction:

    • 35% would give up their own car with access to attractive sharing options (e.g., car, bike, scooter sharing).
    • Another 35% would consider it if local public transport improved.
  • Resistance to car ownership reduction:

    • 31%  are firmly determined to hold on to their cars.
  • Factors influencing car ownership decisions:

    • 28% would consider giving up cars if sharing or on-demand options were cheaper.
    • 25% highlighted accessibility to bus stops and train stations through sharing or on-demand services.
    • 18% cited the impact of cheaper local public transport.
    • 15% expressed interest in attractive on-demand options (e.g., Free Now, Uber) nearby.
    • 10% would contemplate giving up cars with a city center car ban.
    • 9% if parking spaces near their residence became scarcer or pricier.
  • Policy recommendations:

    • Bitkom suggests prioritizing digital platforms and sharing services in mobility policies, especially in less densely populated regions.

Original link/source of information: www.bitkom.org/Presse/Presseinformation/bessere-Mobilitaetsangebote-aufs-eigene-Auto-verzichten (Published 26 September 2023).​​