Valencia, Spain

Main issues must be clearly stated

The Valencia Climate and Energy Municipal Foundation of the Valencia City Council has launched on its website a virtual community where any person, institution or group can register to exchange experiences on energy refurbishment. The online forum allows users to register, write, reply, open new discussion threads and, in general, create a community among people interested in improving the energy efficiency of their homes and buildings.


Valencia, Valencia, Spain

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  • In Valencia, the building stock is responsible for approximately 38% of the city's energy consumption and 21% of CO2 emissions. The figures are similar to those of many European cities, which is why the European Commission, as part of its Green Pact strategy for the Union, has set improving the energy efficiency of buildings as a priority objective.
  • Of the 410,100 homes in the city, 48% were built more than 50 years ago and about 70% were built before 1980, so most of them have the lowest energy rating.
  • The city council encourages energy rehabilitation, as it is a key element to achieve climate improvement through energy savings. In this context, the Energy Office is the municipal one-stop shop for energy transition in the city of Valencia.
  • It is a space for information and training on energy, open to anyone, where a free public service of advice, workshops and activities are offered to bring energy to citizens with a comprehensive perspective and a participatory approach with the aim of bringing the benefits of the energy transition to the entire population.
  • This online forum is moderated and managed by the Valencia Climate and Energy Foundation and the Energy Offices with technical staff and experts in the field and offers impartiality, transparency and neutrality as it is moderated by public and non-profit institutions.
  • In addition, it is part of the Citizen School of Energy Rehabilitation, funded by the European project Save the Homes, an initiative that seeks to connect people who are rehabilitating or want to rehabilitate their homes to share information, advice and questions with others in a similar situation.
  • This school allows these people to share references and practical advice on companies, products, subsidies or financing and to receive advice and continuous support from the technical staff of the Valencia Climate and Energy Foundation and the municipal Energy Offices.
  • Parallel to this newly created forum, the school periodically organizes different meetings and activities to deepen and facilitate the exchange and learning of its participants, such as training workshops, guided visits to rehabilitated buildings or sessions with professionals in the sector.